Oak Hills On The Move 2011 – 2012


Thank you for AMAZING Year OTM Runners, Walkers, Volunteers, Parents and Staff. This was an amazing year for the kids with OTM – they logged 10,180.5 miles! Thanks in part to funding from our Fuel Up to Play 60 grant, we extended the program to run all year, rain or shine.

At our last PBIS assembly we awarded an AMAZING 28 Marathon t-shirts and 14 Ultra runner t-shirts for the kids who ran over 100 miles, The Beaverton Valley Times showed up to take pictures and give us some great press that everyone deserved.

Here is the link to the online article entitled: Feats of the Feet

This year we had 14 runners that ran over 100 miles to become our first set of OTM Ultra Runners. 18 kids were in 70+ mile club, 29 in the 60+ mile club, 37 in the 50+ mile club, 58 in the 40+ mile club, 89 in the 30+ mile club, 140 in the 20 mile club and 322 in the 10+ mile club. We handed out a record number of 120 marathon shirts – Double of last year!!

Your kids all did a great job moving this year. Keep it up with them this summer, by taking walks or running with your kids each day. See how many miles you can log as a family this summer! Below are the student’s amazing totals for the year.

2011-2012 Mileage
1st Grade 2457.25 miles

2nd Grade 1326.25 miles

3rd Grade 1376.50 miles

4th Grade 1927.50 miles

5th Grade 1060.25 miles

Kindergarten 1665.25 miles

ALC 367.50 miles

Total 10,180.50 miles