Oak Hills Art Literacy

About Art Literacy at Oak Hills

Trained volunteers from the Art Literacy program have been bringing art instruction to every student at Oak Hills School for decades. Six times a year, in every classroom, a visual presentation on an artist is followed by a hands-on art lesson with the students. The program’s curriculum at present is based on more than 100 artists, including European masters, renowned American artists, and some living, local artists. Our curriculum foci this year are line, space, and form.

Why you should volunteer

The Art Literacy program is the only visual art curriculum available in the classroom. Without this program, Oak Hills students would have little or no exposure to visual arts. In addition to bringing needed instruction to the students, the program is also a great opportunity for parent volunteers to be hands-on, to get in the classroom, and get to know the kids. It is one of the very few volunteer programs at Oak Hills that give you the opportunity to teach.

You do not need an expertise in art to volunteer, but you will need training. For each artist, volunteers are expected to attend a training session held at Oak Hills School. Volunteers will be guided through a slideshow, a lesson plan, and instructions on how to teach the project. Attendance is important! We want the Art Literacy program at Oak Hills to be the best it can be, and we need trained volunteers to make that happen. We promise you will learn something, too!

For more information, contact the Art Literacy Coordinators at artlit@oakhillspto.org