Oak Hills Destination Imagination

We now have a Facebook page! Please search for “Oak Hills Destination Imagination” and join for updated info and announcements, whether your child is on a team or interested in joining.  


What is it?

  • Destination Imagination (DI) is a nonprofit organization that’s offered creative problem solving activities to students across Oregon since 1980. Before that it was known as Odyssey of the Mind.
  • Kids learn how to solve problems on their own — adult involvement is strictly prohibited. They work as a team to take risks, use various skills and think outside of the box while incorporating STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), the arts, and service learning.
  • Oak Hills started its DI program in 2014 as a PTO-sponsored program, and has had 3-6 teams compete each year. Last year one team participated in DI Global Finals in Knoxville, Tennessee with 17,000 students in May, known as the world’s largest celebration of creativity.


When is it?

  • Teams start meeting in Oct. and meet about once a week (for 90 min-2 hours) through the Regional competition in March, then into April if they qualify for States.
  • Teams meet at a time and place designated by the Team Manager (as decided by what is convenient to all team members). It’s usually after school at the Team Manager’s home or another location.
  • The DI season does sometimes conflict with Scouts, sports and the school musical, but team members and their families make it work!


Who can do it?

  • Any student in K-5 may sign up. We can field as many teams as we have volunteer Team Managers (parents or other adults willing to coach). Each team is 4-7 students (5-6 is ideal).
  • Students in K-2 may participate in their own non-competitive division, called Rising Stars.
  • You may have students of mixed grades on each team, as long as they can work well together.


What parent involvement is required?

  • Besides the Team Managers, the other team parents are expected to support the team in some small way, such as help round up supplies at home, pitch in for snack rotation, organize carpools, etc. Whatever you are able to do.


How much is it?

  • The cost per child for the season comes to around $100, including the fee to participate and supply costs.


Is travel involved?

  • Teams travel to the Regional tournament in March, usually held in Hillsboro or in Wilsonville, and the State tournament in April, held in Salem. Teams that qualify for Global Finals may decide on their own whether they want to fundraise for that expense in May.


What are the Challenges?

  • Each team will choose a Team Challenge to tackle. They are: Technical, Engineering, Scientific, Fine Arts, Improvisational, or Service Learning. Teams usually meet several times before deciding which to pursue.


How can I sign up?

  • Join our sign-up list at the back-to-school fair and look for our announcements about DI Info Night in September. Network with any other parents you know in DI, and ask if they have space on their team. Think about staring your own team. If you do not land on a team this year, make sure to try again next year. Any questions, contact our DI coordinator at DI@oakhillspto.org.


For more background, and Challenge previews: