Final OBOB Competition Results

What an exciting day we had on Friday! The 4th grade team The Golden Bookworms battled 5th grade’s Pink & Purple Polka Dotted Fire-Breathing Rubber Fishies of Doom 10.0.

It was an exciting competition with The Golden Bookworms ​emerging as the Oak Hills Elementary OBOB Champions!

The Golden Bookworms will move on to the Regional OBOB competition at Charles F. Tigard Elementary on March 14th at 9 am. We wish them luck! If they are successful, they may advance to the state competition on April 4th. We’ll keep you posted of their progress!

Again, congratulations to The Golden Bookworms!! All teams did a wonderful job and we had such a fun OBOB season together.


OBOB Battles Feb. 10-14

Mon. Feb. 10
3rd – Book Breakers vs. Golden Books
4th – Slapping Bananas vs. The Deadly Dragons of Doom
5th – The Waluigis vs. Platinum Oreos

Tues. Feb. 11
3rd – Fire Reading Gummy Bears vs. To Be Determined
4th – Book Battlers 2.0 vs. To Be Determined
5th – Oregon’s Only Chance vs. To Be Determined

Wed. Feb. 12

Thurs. Feb. 13
5th – Pink & Purple…Fishies vs. To Be Determined

Fri. Feb. 14
3rd – Galaxy Ferrets vs. To Be Determined
4th – The Golden Bookworms vs. To Be Determined

Battle Times:
3rd Grade: 11:25-11:45
4th Grade: 11:50-12:10
5th Grade: 12:15-12:35

OBOB Battles This Week – Feb. 3-7

Mon. Feb. 3

4th – ​The Deadly Dragons of Doom vs. Book Battlers 2.0

5th – ​Platinum Oreos vs. Pink and Purple….Fishies

Tues. Feb. 4

3rd – ​Book Breakers vs. The Maks

4th – ​Slapping Bananas vs. The Golden Book Worms

5th – ​The Waluigis vs. Oregon’s Only Chance

Wed. Feb. 5

4th – ​OBOB Warriors vs. ​(To Be Determined)

5th – ​Pusheen Ninjas vs. ​(To Be Determined)

Thurs. Feb. 6

3rd – ​Fire Boys vs. Golden Books

4th – ​The Books of Doom vs. ​(To Be Determined)

5th – ​Phantom Readers vs. ​(To Be Determined)

Fri. Feb. 7

3rd – ​Fire Reading Gummy Bears vs. Galaxy Ferrets

4th – (To Be Determined)

5th – (To Be Determined)

Battle Times:

3rd Grade: 11:25-11:45

4th Grade: 11:50-12:10

5th Grade: 12:15-12:35