September 2014 PTO Meeting Minutes

Monday, September 15, 2014 at 7 p.m.
Oak Hills Elementary Library


Welcome & Introductions – Kristin Hamann, PTO President

  • Introductions of teachers and staff
  • Need volunteers for picture day on 10/10

Principal Update – Glen Rutherford, Interim Principal

  • Thank you for getting the school off to a great start!
  • Working on Staffing – we did hire a third grade teacher Catherine Conolly from New Mexico.
  • Cheryl is doing well – off for 6 weeks for tests and things
  • Treasurer Update – Will Gingell, Treasurer
  • Passed out spread sheet on budget and what we want to spend money on
  • Tiffani on deposits
  • Tony in the school most of the time and our “go to” when it comes to treasury.
  • Will is not a check signer – but the others are. He can reconcile the account and open bank statements but doesn’t have access to the $.
  • Script did not have any volunteers and was not making as much funds for the school; so we will not continue it this year. Dinner’s night out and Jog a Thon will be the main fundraisers.

Supply Drop-off, Back to School picnic & Dinners Night Out Recap – Michelle Schnoor, Heather Hoxie, Committee Chairs

  • Night went off as planned!
  • Food Carts Pizza Schmizza and Sliders along with Menchies and Organic Shaved Ice.
  • We will add another for next year – but its tricky for the lowest “sale” minimum the vendor will commit to.
  • Raised almost $1,000 in t-shirts
  • $426 from food – that was after reimbursement fulfilled
  • Discussion on the date due to holiday weekend. Possibly Wednesday night instead of Thursday before Labor Day.
  • Dinners night out @ 5 Guys raised $150
  • Next one at Sweet Tomatoes – clarifying if Coupons will be allowed

Jog-A-Thon Update – Cyndie Pelto, Rita Pipes, Committee Chairs

  • A few pledges on line have already begun
  • Some packets are in already
  • Bulletin board in the front will keep an update on pledges
  • Reminder email will be sent out at the end of this week.
  • Volunteers schedule will go out this week

Volunteering and You – Johanna Shrout, Volunteer Coordinator, Beaverton School District (BSD)

  • Geared towards volunteering in the classroom
  • Main discussion on Group Dynamics (passed out handout):
  • All volunteer group to understand roles is truly important
  • Understand goals as a group – what is our mission as the OH PTO Board
  • Discuss best ways of communication
  • Operation Guidelines as a group should be discussed so that all attendees are aware
  • By-Laws – make sure all in the group know what the by- laws are.

Sock-Hop Update & Date Change – Kristin Hamann, PTO President

  • Was scheduled for October 9th but currently we have no volunteers – proposing to move it to January 30th .

On-the-Move is Here! – Wendy Turinsky, Committee Chair

  • Starts this week!
  • Lunch time running/walking opportunity for all grades – an option for the kids to be moving at recess
  • The kids can earn small prizes at 3 & 5 miles
  • We are NOT a competitive running club!
  • Great gateway Volunteering Opportunity!
  • Kristin – in past years parents have asked for top runners in each grade – WE WILL NOT be announcing top runners and walkers. This is not what this activity is designed for.

Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities – Kristin Hamann, PTO President

  • PTO By-Laws Review Committee – Meet in Sept, report at Oct. PTO mtg.
  • 1/18/11 was the last time that the bylaws were updated – looking for volunteers to take on reviewing the by-laws and helping us to formally update definitions.
  • Kristin proposed for a committee for the bylaws – Kathleen seconded; no one said no. Kathleen will lead that committee.
  • BSD Clothes Closet Serve Day – Wed. November 5th, 9:30 – 4:15 pm
  • People on the list to volunteer
  • Johanna gave a description of what clothes closet is.
  • No kids allowed – parents only
  • You can also volunteer on Wednesdays even when its not OH days.
  • Brenda proposed a shoe drive in coordination of the sock hop for the clothes drive,

Parent Education Seminars – Spring 2014

  • Findley Elementary will partner with us for this
  • We need a chair and a committee – Kristin will be in contact with a few parents to iron out the details and dates.

Snacks for PTO meetings Sign-up Sheet – Kristin Hamann, PTO President

Bingo Night & Silent Auction – Kristen – looking for volunteers for these events for Thursday March 12th.


  • Jennifer and Laura can run and purchase the event.
  • We need one more monitor for Saturday;
  • Ruaan volunteered to be monitor, Along with Heather Hoxie.
  • Wendy motions to approve the purchase of the plans, Sheri seconds and no one said no. Motion passed.

Grant writers – we will be waiting for now. No Grants to work on as of now.

Movie Night

  • Rachel is finding G rated movies – concessions will cover the license fee. Idea to poll the kids on what movies they want to see.
  • Porter gave the idea of “drive in movie” – make the cars at home. Porter volunteers to lead the assembly and get kids excited. Friday January 9th .CARS movie!

4th grade update on field trip (over night camp)

  • Very expensive and we will find out shortly if we are given a spot to go again. We will be polling parents on what they can donate.
  • To raise money 4th grade event where there can be a “book fair” – Barnes and Noble would cut a % back to the school after a 5 day period. Looking to do before the holidays but not conflict with the book fair here at the school. Fall Festival
  • Proposal to raise money for next year – too late for this year. We need a coordinator for 4th grade fundraiser.

Meeting closed at 8:11pm

In Attendance:
Kristin Hamann
Amelia Carnahan
Cynthia Benfield
Dayna Hermo
Michelle Schnoor
Lark Asbury
Kellee Herriandez
Sheri McLoughlin
Allison McSwain
Kathryn Webster
Heather Hoxie
Ruann Donnelly
Kim Alejo
Michelle McGhee
Sarah Gauntt
Glen Rutherford
Julie Luttrell
Ben Porter
Tony Davis.
Johanna Shrout,
Brenda Zak,
Kathleen Fajardo,
Wendy Turinsky,
Kellee Hernandez,
Mandi MacAskill,

NEXT PTO MEETING: Monday, October 13th, 2014 at 2:45 p.m.
Oak Hills Elementary Library