November 2013 PTO Meeting Minutes

7:00 – 8:00 p.m. Oak Hills Library

Principal Update, Cheryl Hagseth:

  • Bike Rack, Mr. Nase will try to have them installed this week. Installed between the 1st grade wing and the gym.
  • Sign/readerboard for front of school, in the works. Brick will match the school and neighborhood.
  • Community Partnership Team – need someone to attend district meeting.
  • Watchdogs – “Dads of Great Kids” Bringing Dads into the school
  • Crosswalk in Bethany, parents requesting crossing guard. Cheryl spoke with someone in the district, BSD does not determine need for guards. Once Wash County has determined that one belongs there, and then BSD public safety officer will get the ball rolling. Cheryl has requested emails from parents requesting crossing guards and she will forward to Public safety.
  • Used up all of the scholastic book funds, purchased more books (grade level), all grades are complete.
  • Report Card informational night will happen again in December after report Cards go out.
  • PBIS assembly will now be on first Friday of month.


Treasurer Update, Will Gingell:

  • Budget on track, RFF checks have been cut, Party Fund $ budget sent to teachers ($6.31 per kid, based off of envelope donations).
  • Overview of RFF approvals, Michelle Schnoor
  • Request For Funds, teachers can submit requests for extra funding for needs. Paid out $2,765 of requests. (reading curriculum KDG, Funds for 4th grade pioneer trip, duplex printer for 3rd grade)
  • Google Chrome books – looking into a set for multiple age levels, much cheaper than laptops, and function for what kids need to use laptops for


Sock Hop Recap, Michelle Schnoor:

Approx. 200 people in attendance, Big KUDOS to all! Bro Dogs vendor worked out great! Lots of great feedback about having a food vendor. Many many socks donated to Beaverton Clothes Closet.


Movie Night, November 22nd, Jen Colwell:

  • Monsters University
  • Doors open at 6:30pm
  • NOT a drop off event
  • FREE
  • Concession sales


Art Night Spring Event, Rebecca Moon Leibowitz:

  • Planning an Art Night, Spring Date?
  • Display component (art lit or ceramics or teacher classroom projects)
  • Music/performance component (recital, MUSE band, musical performance)
  • Project component (leftover art lit supplies to have students teach parents how to do projects from the year)
  • Team of 4-5 people willing to coordinate
  • Ceramics project is going well, 5th grade is next
  • 4th Grade Grandparents Day, November 26th
  • Google doc is available for signing up to help


Turkey Trot, Cyndie Pelto:

  • Need volunteers!
  • Need someone to take food for weekend, and then bring back to school.
  • School will not be open.
  • Port a potties ordered.
  • Will be going to lunches on Wednesday to let students know about 3 non-profits to vote on for donations.


Musical Auditions & Workshop:

  • The Grunch
  • Jennifer Yamashiro and
  • Online Registration opens at 3pm on Thursday.
  • 60 actor spots and 5 stage crew spots
  • Musical Audition workshops
  • Flyer went home today
  • Participation $25
  • 4 shows


Committee/Parent Questions, concerns, feedback:

Florence Morris (Miss Flo) passed away November 10th. Service at Somerset Community Church 1pm Saturday.


Next PTO Meeting, December 16th, 2:45pm