June 2014 PTO Meeting Minutes

2:45 – 3:45 pm Oak Hills Back Lawn


Kristin Hamann Welcomed the Attendees:

Pricipal’s Update:

  • Cheryl Hagseth restricted to 4 hours so not in attendance – Kristin read a Thank you note from Cheryl to the PTO Members
  • Congrats Team on an Amazing Art Night – way to go volunteers!
  • June Newsletter will be released on 6/18 which will include new hire updates; currently there are no updates as of yet on new hires.
  • Class lists will be posted on 8/15 after 4pm
  • Back to School Picnic has been scheduled for 8/28
  • Hospitality Committee – It would be great if we had a dedicated, pre-selected Team, that focuses on these events (Examples of PTO Committee Hospitality Events attached to the agenda) – small budget amount to be dedicated to this effort. If interested in this please email Kristin Hamann.

Treasurer  Update:

  • Kristin Hamann then addressed the ’14/’15 Budget Vote:
  • Kristin will be attending early fall staff meeting to address staff on spending budget and allow PTO to know their intentions for their year budget by march 1st – then if not spent by May 1st it could be spent by groups who need it or attached to next year….
  • Discussion from attendees on questions of why teachers are not using the money in their accounts; and if so for what, or why; are they not using their money during the school year.
  • Kristin suggested we pull the $1200 difference from the general fund due to the specific representative not being in attendance
  • We previously had not approved the 2014/2015 budget as a whole vote
  • Motion to approve the amended budget, seconded and approved by the attendees.

Art Night Recap – Brenda Zak:

  • Great turn out and looking forward to expanding for next year!
  • Ideas of future needs for “building usage forms & documents”; this for future events and coordinators have this information so we don’t have to relearn what we already know.
    • PTO website could carry this information
  • Call Out from the attendees – can we have art work displayed year round? Ideas floating amongst the group.
    • Michelle volunteers to hang art work once a month for the 2014/2015
    • Monthly fettered artists
  • How to better balance our athletics and our art within the school
  • Art carts coming…

PTO Workshop recap – Kathleen Fajardo:

  • Call out making sure food vendors are on the approved list prior to using
  • Washington County Health Dept. monitoring PTO/School events where food is being served to the public – make sure we ask for list of approved vendors – in progress of getting a list from the school district.
  • Once an event is on the reader board it is a community event – so make sure we have vendors that are approved.
  • Suggestion for all board members to have their food handler’s permit
  • Updated State of oregon nutrition list –
    • Kathleen will share that list with the group and documents will be referenced on the website
  • Background check policy – 2015/2016 new policy and then every 2 years needs to be renewed.

T-shirt ideas – Heather Lambert:

  • Vote by show of hands
  • Stacked blocked letter won – going to look into variations of colors and print combinations. Design voted on by attendees will now go to Cheryl Hagseth for approval, and Heather will get costing information on 2 colored shirts.

Communication & Promotion Changes – Kristin Hamann:

  • We are not the only school that gets bombarded by outside companies to distribute information but we want to protect our parents from some types of communications
  • If PTO sponsored the event it will be promoted in our various media outlets – if it’s not a PTO sponsored event, but is approved by district it will be promoted. If the event is not approved by district then we will not be promoting the event. If wanting to promote an event; then please give an amount of time to make sure we share without being rushed.

Jog A Thon – Kristin Hamann:

  • The Jog A Thon will be the biggest fundraiser in the fall – mostly online fundraising program.
  • There is a little fee for this online program– but so much easier for collection and receipt of donations.
  • Looking for people to shadow the 2014/2015 Jog a Thon so that they can be the coordinators in 2 years -Contact Cyndie Pelto if you have interest.

Introduction of Tony Davis:

  • Tony was in attendance – interested in shadowing Will and Tiffany as a treasurer; he has a 5th and 2nd grader at OH.Lived in Oak Hills for the last 2 years.  He is a stay at home dad for 10 years and prior to that Mortgage loan officer.

Open house farewell party this evening – Kristin Hamann:

  • Some teachers looking to come back next year so they are asking to not get recognition tonight
  • Light refreshments severed
  • Memory boards available to sign for each staff member.

Committee and parent questions:

  • Next meeting 8/12 @ 2:45 at the Oak Hills Rec Center playground
  • Brenda asked if it was too soon to start thinking about next year:

Sprit committee for next year – ideas?

Dinners Night Out – Kristin Hamann:

  • Frozen yogurt place by Trader Joes – possibility for desert night out
  • Looking to Support restaurants of our families in the OH community

General Discussion:

  • What to do with a program/situation that we don’t agree with.
    • Lets use our best judgment and act civilized.
    • Board members have your back. 
    • Let the board help support you, prior to school staff and administration being involved.
    • Parents need to know that the PTO board is here to hear them and support them.

Meeting Dismissed