May 16th 2014 PTO Meeting Minutes


Items of Discussion:

2014/15 Board Nominations

  • Kristin Hamann – President
  • Kathleen Fajardo – Co-President
  • Wendy Turinsky –Vice President
  • Lark Asbury – Secretary
  • Brenda Zak – Spirit Committee Chair
  • Kathleen Webster & Teresa Nase – Box Tops Committee Chair
  • Heather Hoxie – Dinner Night Out Chair
  • Jen Anderson – Green Team Chair
  • Michelle Schnoor motioned to approve the above individuals for the Board and Chair Positions, Jennifer Yamashiro seconded. All approved.

 Music Budget & Sound System

  • Due to lack of information during the budget meeting, money needs to be reallocated to purchase the Sound System for the school (already approved purchase).
  • Instead of using $1200 from the Music line from the 2014 budget, that money will remain to be used by Mr. DeBusk by June 30th.
  • Instead, the $1200 will come from general fund to purchase the sound system.
  • Heather Hoxie made the motion to approve this change in fund allocation, Cyndie Pelto seconded. All approved.

2014/15 Budget

Due to changes needing to be made to the 2014/15 Budget, the budget will be reviewed and voted on again at the June PTO Meeting.

McMenamin’s DNO

$1300 made at the McMenamin’s DNO

 PE Equipment Replacement Vote

  • Stephanie Musser needs additional $400 for PE budget for field day expenses and pole replacement in gym (pole is unsafe and needs replaced).
  • District is paying $342, the PTO will cover $400 from the general fund and PE line for 2014 budget
  • Should additional money be needed to cover field day expenses and/or pole then the money will come from the general budget
  • Michelle Schnoor motioned to spend money to replace pole due to safety concerns, Heather Hoxie seconded. All approved.

 Field Day

  • Wendy Turinsky will be taking over Field Day and will be working with Jennifer Yamashiro.
  • Volunteers are needed. More info coming soon.

 Farewell & Appreciation Party for Tammy

  • Due to learning more teachers will be transferring or retiring from Oak Hills at the end of this school year, the party will no longer be for Tammy only.
  • We will not know until Tuesday, May 20th, who the other staff and teachers are, so we will wait to update and promote the event until that information is known. Ms. Hagseth will let us know as soon as this information is confirmed and staff have been informed.
  • Also due to having more honorees we will no longer fundraise for a gift and will instead have the night only be an open house honoring all six staff and teachers leaving Oak Hills.
  • Party will be June 9th, 6-8 pm