April 2014 PTO Meeting Minutes

2:45pm, Outside, under the tree

Beaverton School District Bond information—Michelle Schnoor:

Michelle distributed Bond handouts, with the disclaimer that the PTO can’t endorse or support any political measures, per our bylaws.  However these are for your information.


Treasurer’s Report:

Will was not here, due to tax season.  Michelle said reimbursement checks will be coming soon.  If you need your check sooner, please contact Will or Sandy.


Principal’s Update—Cheryl Hagseth:

  • Science Fair was very successful.  Oak Hills will be sending several students to the District’s Science Fair.
  • The 4th Grade Overnight Field Trip continues to gather funds to try and bring students’ costs down.  Popcorn sales have been encouraging, and there should be some money for scholarships.
  • McTeachers’ DNO night is tomorrow—Tues, April 15th at the Cedar Mill McDonald’s from 5-8pm.  20% of all sales (including drive-thru) will go to the PTO.  Teachers will not be working the event, like in past years, but it still promises to be fun.
  • We received another Play60 grant, and former NFL player, Anthony Newman, will once again visit our school.  We hope to have him come on Field Day, and run relays with the kids.
  • Boys and Girls Lecture Night—Loretta Ramm & Michelle Schnoor
  • This is an amazing opportunity for our parents and staff to learn from two women that really know their stuff.  Kathy Masarie teaches the seminar on Girls and Janet Allison teaches the one on Boys.   Cost for both is around $475.  A motion was made to vote to bring them in for a couple of evening sessions, hopefully before the end of the school year.  It passed overwhelmingly.  Michelle will talk with them about a possible reduction in the cost, but it may be that we charge a small admission fee.
  • Also it was mentioned that Barbara Swenson, who lives in the area, is a Parent Educator, and would be happy to do more of these type of seminars in the future, for free.


Science Fair Recap—Brenda Zak:

It was well attended, and everyone had a great time.  They were on budget, and were able to keep overall costs down by eliminating participants’ ribbons.  Good job, Ladies! There were 202 projects and 227 participants, which meant lots of groups.  Just a note: Each project was reviewed by our amazing Science Fair team, which is a  huge undertaking, but such an incredible gift for the students.  The team also mentioned they are considering some changes next year, in order to get more teacher involvement. Another option would be a Family Science night with interactive stations, etc.  Cheryl McLaughlin is also checking with other schools in the area to see what they’re doing. Someone asked about board recycling.  Brenda mentioned they’d love to have students turn in their board, and possibly next year, even give slight discounts on the entry fee if students use their own boards.


Fund raising for 2014-2015—Michelle Schnoor:

Jog-a-thon will continue to be our main fundraiser.  We discussed whether an on-line pledge donation setup, like Go-Fund-Me, would be advantageous.  It’s a little more expensive than our current Paypal route, but so much easier for parents and out-of-town participants.  Michelle will check with Will on cost difference.  Another fund raising option mentioned was Pop can recycling.  A note:  Next year, the hope is to have one person on the PTO board as the Fund raising Director—potentially the Vice President.  Then all requests for fund raising can go through one central channel, everyone knows the process, and the whole year’s fund raising needs can be considered for dividing up the Dinner Nights Out, concessions sales at Bingo Night, etc.


The Budget Planning Meeting for 2014-2015 will be Monday, May 12th at 2:45pm


Volunteer Appreciation is Wed. April 23rd at 2:45pm


Staff Appreciation Week is May 5 – May 9th—Michelle Swenson & Mara Adams:

  • They welcome any ideas for a theme.
  • Everyone loved the flowers/bouquets for the teachers.  However, not having vases labeled for each teacher at the entrance, was hard for those kids that had brought specific flowers for their teacher.
  • The Coffee Cart was a huge hit.  Please bring this back!
  • Someone suggested bringing in Massage Therapists to give Chair Massages.  Anyone with this contact, please let Michelle Swenson or Mara know.
  • People liked the idea of contributing money to bring in a catered lunch.


Art Night—Brenda Zak & Rebecca Moon Liebowitz:

  • Thursday, June 5th from 6-8pm
  • They are making a banner to welcome all to the event.
  • The cafeteria will be set up with tables for parents & their students to recreate the art projects they’ve been working on throughout the year.
  • They’re hoping to have live music performed by students.
  • Food will be available for purchase from food trucks outside.
  • Finally, it was decided the Craft Marketplace where students could sell their own creations, like Rainbow Loom jewelry, or other things, would be saved for a future event.


Gift for Tammy—Michele Schnoor:

  • Tammy Taylor’s last day is April 30.  We would like to honor her 18 years of service to Oak Hills.  Many great ideas were given, some of which included a planter box or bench out front of the school with a plaque on it; a Spa Day Gift Card and little flower note cards for the students to write on, and then put together on a large board the last week of school.
  • A Go-Fund-Me site will be set up for people to donate to.
  • A party for her will also be held, with food catered by Outback Steakhouse.  More information to come on that, including the date.


5th Grade Celebration & Biz-Town Updates—not discussed as representatives were not able to attend


4th Grade Field Trip Update—Michelle Schnoor:

$300 was raised at the last Popcorn Sales, so thanks to all parents & students that brought their money.


Upcoming Dinner Night Outs (DNO)–Michelle Schnoor

  • McTeachers’–Tues April 15
  • McMenamins/Oak Hills Pub—Tues, May 13

Open floor Discussions—Michelle Schnoor:

Katherine McMahon asked if the last week of school could be Spirit Week, with each day being a different theme—crazy hair day, pajama day, etc.  Cheryl Hagseth said she’d look into it.


PTO positions Open for next year—Michelle Schnoor:

Michelle mentioned if we don’t have anyone step up for a position, there’s a very good chance that event won’t happen.

  • Co-President (shadowing Kristin)
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Co-Treasurer (shadowing Will)
  • Scrip Co-Coordinator
  • DNO Coordinator
  • Volunteer Coordinator (shadow with Sherry)
  • Art Lit Coordinator Co-Chair
  • Bingo Night
  • Book Fair Co-Chair
  • Box Tops
  • Cafeteria Helpers
  • Clothes Closet
  • Fifth Grade Memory Book–5th Grade Parent
  • Fifth Grade Popcorn Sales–5th Grade Parent
  • Health Screening
  • Help Counter
  •  Jog-A-Thon Co-Chair
  •  Landscaping Committee
  •  Library Support
  •  Movie Nights
  •  Read-A-Thon
  •  School Directory
  •  Science Fair

Next PTO meeting is Monday, May 19th at 7pm.

Ruann Donnelly, Dana McArthur-Maggard, Rachel Pines, Sheri McLoughlin, Heather Hoxie, Kathryn Webster, Christina Prior, Loretta Ramm, Tim Cairns, Eric Ramm, Jessica Styles, Brenda Zak, Rebecca Moon Liebowitz, Katherine McMahon, Mara Adams, Michelle Swenson, Dayna Hermo, Kristin Hamann, Michelle Schnoor, Cheryl Hagseth, Wendy Turinsky, Stephanie Musser, Cynthia Benfield and lots of very happy kids, who got to play on the playground and enjoy ice cream treats 🙂