April 2012 PTO Meeting Minutes

April 16, 2012 Oak Hills PTO Minutes — Pending Approval

1.  Principal’s Report
Thank you to Sandy & spirit committee for egg hunt.  Staff had a lot of fun.  Everyone loved the coffee, drinks & fun,  The PTO has done a great job of improving staff room environment.

  • Bike/Walk to school went well.  The Sheriff was here stopping traffic on Bethany Blvd at Oak Hills Dr
  • Samantha Nash, Former Otter, made raised beds for her senior project.  Twelve 5th graders helped to decorate the beds & pots.  Thank you very much to Dee’s nursery for donating all the materials
  • iPads have arrived – Ryan Hoxie retro-fitted the cart for charging/storage
  • Jenifer Hiatt recently won the State of Oregon Fuel Up to Play 60.  May 22nd.  
  • Milk Mustache photos are in cafeteria.
  • 1st grade had a great music program last week.
  • Poster pledges are up for earth day.  

2.  Bike Racks – Hilary & Cheryl met with The Tree Guy – he’s cutting the tree and grinding the stump for free, to get the area ready for bike racks. Gravel is being donated by the maintenance department which is very rare gift considering the budget shortfall.   Hilary is waiting to hear on a $1500 grant from Kohl’s.  Looking to get a donation to build the frames. 

We need need families to come out and help move some soil for bike racks in front of buildings and back by the portables.  We are planning on working Sunday April 22nd, which is Earth Day.  Meet at front of school at 2pm if you can help.  5th grade will come and help deposit gravel.   We are still trying to determine best dates distribute the gravel.  We are planning on spray painting the  current bike racks red when we do the soil.

3.  The No Idling sign is up.  Will send notice to kids and families about why idling is not good for the environment.

4. Treasurer’s Report – Cyndie Pelto.  Income report.  Nominate New Treasurer…Jennifer Yamashiro made a motion to nominate Will Gingell for treasurer.   Angie Karim seconded the motion.  Carried, Will Gingell will now be our treasurer.  Motion carried to add signers – Kathy Moshinsky.  Angie karim second.  Motion carried.

5.  Fuel up to Play 60 – Jenifer Hiatt – Last year we received a grant for $3000. One half went to OTM, the other half went to her nutrition program.  Applying for another grant this year…$4000.  It needs to be open to every student.  Half is for her program, the other half is for physical activity.  We need a parent to team up with her who will come up with a physical aspect for the grant (and to help write it).  Also she would like help with using her blogging camera and creating a nutrition calendar.

6.  Jog-a-thon –   PBIS Assembly (1st Monday in may) will be kick-off for the Jog-a-Thon.  Kids will be taking info home and start fundraising in early May.  We will meet our goal if each child raises $25. 

7.  Class Parties – Please send a party money update to all teachers.

8.  Gift card update – We are getting close to $5000!!!  Depending on gift of gift cards through the end of the year, it could even go higher.