March 2012 Meeting Minutes

March 19, 2012 Oak Hills PTO Minutes—March 2012 Pending Approval 

Present Members: Sandy Gingell, Angie Karim, Alison Abney, Hillary Barrett, Leslie Burnett, Susan Grossen, Kathy Moshinsky, Amy Chamberlain, Kristin Antich, Cheryl Hagseth, Jennifer Yamashiro, Cyndi Pelto, Deanna Middleton, Stephanie Penrod, Nancy Korf, Ruann Donnelly, Heather Hoxie

Meeting called to order at 2:50 pm


  • Principal’s Report
  • Jog-A-Thon
  • Committee Chairs/Board Positions to Fill, Cyndie and Jennifer
  • Survey Results/Fall Fundraiser
  • Science Fair Report
  • BINGO Night Report
  • iPad Purchase Report
  • Treasurer’s Report
  • April 4th Bike/Walk Day/Earth Day

1.  Principal’s Report—Principal Hagseth reported that she is hoping to hear more about staffing at the end of April.  Seven parents went to the Budget Meeting and 2 were from Jacob Wismer.  Sandy Gingell said it gave a lot of answers.

2.   Jog-A-Thon–Cyndie Pelto reported that they committee will be changing things this year that she is very excited about.  She got several ideas from the chair at Holy Trinity.  The kids will be getting rewards for fundraising and laps.  They will be for flat amount of laps and per lap.  The Kick off will take place in May at the PBIS Assembly.  Each Friday the kids will turn in their pledge forms for a prize that Friday.  Flat pledges will be collected ahead of time.  Each class will be color coded the day of and marking of laps is as simple as marking on the number on each kids’ back.  Volunteers will tally laps and the amount of $each family needs to collect to give back after Memorial Day weekend. Prizes will be awarded after the money has been collected at the June PBIS assembly.  There will be information regarding matching funds on the form and tax forms can be provided upon request.  Running will last a 1/2 hour.

3.  Newsletter—A newsletter has been created to replace the eblast.  It will go out every two weeks in the Friday Flyers.

4.  PTO Board—We need to fill open positions for next year.  We would also like to Thank Wassabi for a GREAT Dinner Night Out.

5.  Fall Fundraiser—From the surveys we learned that 75% want to write a check for fundraiser instead of Innisbrook.  There were 160 responses to the survey.  People do like the Read-A-Thon.  Hillary Barrett mentioned the Chinook Books.  Leslie Burnett mentioned having kids wear Oak HIlls Wear and asking for money at stores.  Her son’s band did it and was very successful.                                         
6.  Science Fair—They will have a recap at their Wednesday Night meeting.  They realize that the T-Shirts are a huge motivator.  Susan Grossen mentioned smaller boards,  35-40 reviewers were not from Oak Hills.  We need to find more connections for reviewers next year.  We will also need to raise the price due to a short fall in T-Shirts and board price.

7.  Green Committee——Hillary Barrett reported that the Bik/Walk/ Ride Day will take place on April 4.  By Earth day the goal is to have bike racks for students.  District will bring gravel and we can have a tree removed for a more permanent solution in the alcove.  We would also like to have the students make pledges and post them.  A Saturday will be established for installation of these racks.  We are a Green School due to recycling, energy efficient parts, and the toilet apparatus.  Cyndie Pelto requested a write-up for the newsletter from Hillary.

8.  Bingo- Jennifer Yamashiro reported that parents mentioned that they preferred it at school and loved this event.  In February we voted to have all funds donated to the iPad purchase.  So that is where funds went instead of to the General Fund.  This was not a new idea and was discussed at many prior meetings.  We are hoping to purchase 20 iPads each at $379 and $79 for the Applecare.  We will get a minimum of 18.  Ryan Hoxie found us a cart to retrofit for $200 for the iPads as well.   Staff support was phenomenal and it truly was a great community event.

9.  Other Remarks—Susan Grossen requested-Could we switch Jog-A-Thon to the Fall?

Nancy Korf reiterated that funds made this year are spent the following unless otherwise specified.