Every 5th grade student receives a Memory Book. We need your photos thru the years though!
What:  group pictures of your graduate with other schoolmates from any and all years your student attended Oak Hills — first day of school, Jogathon, Field Day, Choir Performance, STEM night, classroom pictures, Biztown, etc. 
When:  by Feb 18
How:  upload your pictures to https://www.dropbox.com/request/CI7Vk93DdtMD7Eb5deap and send an email to yiyangfei36@yahoo.com with the brief description of the event (e.g. “First Day of School”, “Jogathon 2015”, “STEM Night 2017”, “Choir Performance 2016”, “STEM Night 2015”, “Classroom”, etc).  Please send pictures for each event as a batch.  For example, if you found 8 pictures of your child on their first day of school across all school years, click the link and upload all 8, send an email with subject “<name> sent 8 pictures of <child name>’s first day of school”.  Next you found 15 jogathon pictures, so you click the link again to upload those 15 pics and send another email.  Do this as many times as you need to.  Bonus points if you include names of kids in each group picture in the body of your email.
Additional Details
The upload link only allows you to upload pictures, but only Yiyang Fei (yiyangfei36@yahoo.com) will be able to view/manage them once uploaded.
Class and individual photos will be taken at the school in April for the Memory Book.