• Act as liaison between school Administrators and Parents
  • To transact necessary business in the intervals between general PTO meetings.
  • To present a report at the regular meeting of the PTO.
  • To prepare and approve the PTO Budget for the Fiscal Year.
  • To review requests for unbudgeted items
  • Speak on behalf of the PTO to students, teacher and parents
  • Support all the volunteers.
  • Create and communicate meeting agendas
  • Attending Board meetings. 
  • Oversees the overall PTO calendar and adherence to bylaws & procedures.
  • Update the Facebook Page
  • Work with the webmaster to ensure all information on the website is current.
  • Keep tabs on various volunteer event coordinators to see what help they may need.

Vice President:

  • Responsible for communicating with our staff and parent community through writing and sending the bi-weekly e-blast.
  • Updating the Facebook Page
  • Work with the webmaster to ensure all information on the website is current.
  • Provides support to the co-presidents as needed.


  • Time Commitment – Approximately 5 hours per month. One and a half hours, 2x per month (PTO meetings) and 45 minutes, 2x per month (editing minutes and sending to webmaster and office staff)
  • Attend PTO meetings and take detailed, accurate minutes of the meetings (on a laptop during meeting) to document PTO business for the official record.
  • Edit the minutes and email them to appropriate people after they have been approved.


  • Receive all monies of the PTO and shall keep an accurate record of receipts and expenditures.
  • Presides over the Request for Funds Committee and shall perform such duties as may be delegated.
  • Maintain up-to-date, accurate financial records of the PTO.
  • Prepare annual tax return
  • Provide a written and oral financial report of the receipts and expenditures at each PTO meeting.
  • Sign checks to pay bills and disburse funds as authorized.

Volunteer Coordinator:

  • Time Commitment – Approximately 2-4 hours per week for the first six weeks of school. Approximately 1-2 hours per week, plus PTO meetings, thereafter.
  • Recruit Volunteers to provide assistance to PTO Committee Members and our Teachers.
  • Talk with potential volunteers during the  Back to School Picnic then collect the volunteer signup sheets, scans and emails info to the appropriate PTO Committee Members.
  • Organize and lead two “new volunteer” training sessions (one AM/one PM). Includes tour/demo of the work room.
  • Attend monthly PTO meeting to stay informed about needs/programs/events.
  • Check in with Committee Chairs before/after events to offer support/thanks.
  • Stay connected and keep open communication with Committee Chairs to be aware of mid-year recruitment needs.
  • The volunteer support provided by Oak Hills parents is essential for many of the outstanding educational, social and community programs at our school.
Art Literacy:
Back to School Night/School Supplies:
Bingo Night:
Box Tops:
  • Time Commitment – 15-20 hours, 3x per year (includes pickup, counting, packaging and mailing box tops for each of the three annual submission dates).
  • Promote, collect, organize and mail Box Tops three times a year (10/31, 12/31 and 6/1).
  • Provide collection info for main office and PTO – for eblasts, announcements, emails, etc.
  • Collect box tops placed in each classroom’s envelopes are collected approximately two weeks prior to the box tops due date.
  • Organization: box tops must be trimmed, expiration dates checked, sorted, placed into baggies of 50 box tops each
  •  A small portion of box tops must have info entered online.
  • Opportunity: Classes can “compete” against one another, with those bringing in the largest number of box tops receiving some type of reward (popcorn party?). Requires additional organization, but may yield increased contributions.
  • Each box top nets our school 10-cents.  That money adds up to hundreds for our PTO every year.
Cafeteria Helper:
  • Time Commitment – A few hours at the beginning of the year (to recruit volunteers), approximately 30 minutes per month (to organize substitute helpers) and approximately 20 minutes each month to email volunteers about school schedule/reminders.
  • Recruit five Cafeteria Helpers to work one day each week for two hours, roughly 10:30-12:30pm.
  • Volunteers will assist by refilling the salad bar, serving sides, and helping the kitchen staff with minor food prep. No training is required.
  • Ensure that one volunteer will be there every day. Maintain master list of volunteers to organize substitutes when necessary (volunteer illness, etc.). The kitchen staff relies greatly on this volunteer and they are really in a bind when volunteers are no-show.
  • This program provides necessary assistance to an under staffed cafeteria. It takes more than two people to prepare and serve several hundred children hot lunch every day. Additionally, for each day that we provide a helper for 2 hours, the PTO gets $10 from the district – quite a nice sum by the end of the year!


Clothes Closet:

Conference Meals:
  • Time Commitment – Approximately 15 hours during the week of conference meals and approximately 5 hours organizing the meals.
  • Coordinate dates and times with the Principal.
  • Create Google Doc of Menus, listing each item and amounts needed.
  • Email link to volunteers who signed up at the Back-to-School Picnic and the first day Coffee Social.
  • Coordinate with the Volunteer Coordinator and Classroom Volunteer Coordinators for additional help.
  • This program shows our amazing teachers and staff how much we appreciate their working very long days to have a conference for each and every child in our school. It provides them with treats and meals to make it easier for them to meet and spend extra time with parents who are eager to learn about their child’s progress.
Dinners Night Out:
Field Day:
5th Grade Celebration Fundraiser:
5th Grade Celebration Organizer:
4th Grade Fundraiser:
  • Time Commitment – Variable, depending on the number of fundraising events needed to reach the financial goal (provided by the Principal). The goal is to raise approximately $50/student.
  • Organizing fundraisers throughout the year, typically one large event/program (selling cookie dough, Spirit cups, etc.) and several smaller events/programs (i.e., concession sales at school functions, popcorn sales). Popcorn sales net approximately $165/sale.
  • The money raised will allow all of our 4th grade students to experience the overnight Oregon Trail Field Trip. The bulk of the money will be used to decrease the program fee for students. The remainder of the money will be used for scholarships, as several families are unable to pay the subsidized fee.
Health Screening:
Help Counter:
Gift Cards/Scrip:
Grant Writer:
Laminating Committee (Work Parties):
Landscaping Committee:
  • Time Commitment – Approximately 5-8 hours per month, done at your leisure.
  • Organize a few clean-up work parties throughout the year and maintain planters by front entrance.
  • Work with Oak Hills Cub Scout/Girl Scout troops and possibly Girls on the Run to organize beautification assistance.
  • Ideal calendar includes:Beaverton school district pays to mow our lawns and remove large fallen tree limbs but that is where the district’s help ends. Without the help of the Landscaping Committee, our beautiful school quickly becomes bedraggled and unwelcoming! This committee ensures that we will have clean and tidy landscaping with lovely flowers, making our school a good neighbor in the Oak Hills community.
    • August – work party to pull spent bulbs, rake and trim ivy
    • October – plant bulbs
    • November – rake leaves, remove fallen branches
    • January/February – work party to prune roses and perennials
    • April – post signs to protect bulbs from being trampled, do weeding
    • May – organize work party to rake grass clippings on the field
Movie Night:
Music Workshop:
  • Time Commitment – Approximately 12 hours in the first few weeks of school (volunteer recruitment), 1 hour in first month of school (data entry to organize class schedules, mailing lists), 4 hours in first 4-6 weeks of school (am/pm orientations), 2 hours monthly (organizing classes), 2 hours monthly (photocopying), 2 hours monthly (organizing volunteer materials, preview DVDs, etc.), 1 hour monthly (previewing the lesson on DVD).
  • Recruit one volunteer per classroom to teach MW.
  • Organize and administer two volunteer orientations (one am, one pm) before program begins.
  • Monthly: provide materials for volunteers to preview lessons, communicate with volunteers about classroom location, confirm volunteer commitments and arrange for substitutes when necessary (usually 1-2 per month)
  • Photocopy student handouts and deliver to appropriate classrooms with DVDs, communicate schedule (and any changes) to Specialists.
  • This program provides our students professional quality music education lessons. The program would not exist without volunteer “Maestros”.
On the Move Coordinator:
Picture Day:
  • Time Commitment – approximately 10 hours over about 2.5 weeks (6.5 hours on Picture Day itself, plus about 3 hours of coordinating volunteers via email communication). Please note: young children requiring supervision should not accompany the Coordinator to Picture Day.
  • Organize and communicate with Picture Day Volunteers.
  • Email volunteers that signed up at the Back-to-School Picnic and first day Coffee Social to coordinate a schedule of needed helpers throughout the day: Classroom Runners, Greeters, and Picture Prep.
  • The Coordinator should expect to be at the event all day (7:45am-2:30pm).
  • The more support the teachers have on Picture Day, the easier it is for the kids to feel happy and calm during their photo sessions. More relaxed kids will translate to better photos and great class pictures. Plus, you get to see all of the kids in their cutest outfits!
School Directory:
Science Fair:
Staff Appreciation Week:
  • Time Commitment – Between 30-40 hours in April/early May (depending on the type/number of events you plan for the week). Approximately 20 hours during the Staff Appreciation week. Remaining hours
  • Organize a week of events for our wonderful teachers and support staff.
  • Create a Google Doc volunteer signup and work with the Volunteer Coordinator to recruit volunteers and food purchase/prep.
  • Typically includes organizing and executing:This program increases school spirit and shows our overworked, underpaid teachers and support staff just how much we appreciate all of their hard work.
    • 2-3 potluck meals
    • A coffee/dessert event
    • Organizing students’ thank-you notes for staff
    • Organizing flower bouquets for teachers
    • Decorating the staff lounge
    • Creating one to two gift bags for all staff
    • Making a schedule of events for staff
    • Communicating schedule with principal and main office staff.
    • May include additional programs/activities/events, as you desire.
Teacher’s BTS Breakfast:
Tech Lab Cleaning:
  • Time Commitment – Approximately 40-45 hours total. The bulk of this job takes place between Mid-August and October, and ends in December. The hours can range from 2-3 hours per week up to 10 hours during the time of sorting and delivery.
  • Around May, Create t-shirt design (or have someone else design in-house) for following school year.
  • Have design approved by PTO President and the Principal.
  • Provide design, sizing and order volume to My T Print via email.
  • In August, finalize flyers and order forms
  • Email design and order forms to PTO webmaster so the image is available for viewing.
  • Order sample apparel so there is inventory to see and purchase at the Back-to-School Picnic.
  • Recruit a few volunteers and organize a table to sell shirts at the Picnic.
  • Copy and distribute order forms at school.
  • Continue accepting orders until December. Submit orders to My T Print.
  • Organize shirts for delivery (by classroom, bound by rubber band with order form). Deliver bags of shirts to respective classrooms.
  • This program provides School pride. Our students love their school t-shirts, wearing them for years and years after they were printed. Plus, you get the benefit of seeing your design all over town!
  • Provides extra money for the PTO for other programs throughout the year.
Turkey Trot:
Work Parties: